Organizational Strengths

The major traits, which are specially appreciated by the Manufacturers and Retailers and which stand behind the success story of the ensemble in past 40 years, can be capsuled in one single quote i.e. “CONCRETE BUSINESS POLICY”, of the team. This policy got developed, when the question of ‘Business Ethics’ emerged during business discussion among family members, right in the infant stage of the Organization.

Business Policy and Business Ethos can be enumerated with a highlight on following major attributes. ( V ) – Vendor Company / Brand & ( C ) – Customers / Retailers.

Business Satisfaction : V- Perfect Market Approach

C- Servicing all Customers by providing Maximum at the best


Trustworthiness: V- Properly Channeled, Responsible Marketing.

C- Quality, Genuineness.

Organized V- Maintains proper record for every transactions

Administration : C- Tries to regulate the business transactions in favor of the



Uniformity in V- Providing Standard Uniform Discount Structure to all

Trade Discount : dealers.

C- Common policy for every customer based on

Standard quantity based discount structure.

Servicing : V & C – Providing the best service within the due limits

considering the Business Viability.

Brand Fidelity: V – To the Maximum possible limits works for Single

brand in a category of products thus avoiding brand

conflicts among the organizational context

C- Assured & Genuine products supply against the due

Requirements from the retailers.

Inventory : V- Ordering with the help of Customized Software.

C- Approx. 94% supply ratio is maintained by delivering

the materials the next day from the order placed.

Payables & Receivables : V- Payments are handled by a special clerk as per the

decided terms under mutually agreed policy with

different vendors.

C- Pre-decided Trade Policy is followed and do not

accept any Payment through Cheques.

Dedication : V- Considering any brand dealt with as their OWNED

brand everyone linked Literally pour their Blood towards

the maximum possible staying within the limits.